Welcome to AV Expression!

Who We Are

AV Expression is an artistic collective consisting of a growing team of entrepreneurs from around the world. Our main objective is driven by a selfless goal to inspire expression in others. By sharing our work, technology, resources & knowledge, we’re in pursuit of educating and helping individuals of all ages and providing a lush creative environment. To promote (individual / group) growth & expansion to successfully complete high quality projects.

What We Do

The AV Expression Collective is a group of multifaceted individuals that love to create, be it custom designs or fabrications, to professional full-scale audiovisual productions.  Our design expertise grants our clients a fresh new perspective in modernized concepts. Strategy and proper planning while maintaining creative freedom provides artistic vantage points when approaching the completion of projects.

Why We Do It

Lets keep it simple, shall we? We do, with the intent of providing our community (San Antonio and surrounding areas) with an enriched artistic environment. Inspiring self-expression through various mediums in hopes of the development of future creators, innovators and artists.